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This is very cool marketing. Big budget, but wow..

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Somebody creates a #Viral #video 4 Ur product TWO years before Ur idea - has 2be #magic ;) right? #ViralMarketing #BipBip

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She is not working at our office :( Have a look a this funny commercial

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YouTube Gives Music Publishers Ads on Fan-Made Videos

Thanks to a new deal between YouTube and the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), as well as its subsidiary Harry Fox Agency (HFA), music publishers and songwriters will start garnering money when their tunes are used in fan-made videos.

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Hey you in front of your screen, do you want to take control of the latest Sprit Zero tv spot by doing any skateboarding trick you want ? It’s possible. You just need to press the keys from 4 to 9 of your keyboard. It’s just an amazing and very creative campaign which explores all the opportunities and the interactive aspects of the Youtube campaigns with the audience. 

You want to do a special trick, go for it, do what you want and don’ t forget to spread the word ; )

You can replay as much as you want by skipping the bookmarks.

Enjoy Coca-Cola Company !

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I recently attended a wonderful session with over 60 high energy entrepreneurs at Goa.  About 20-30 of them had recently launched their product or web service and were actively seeking early adopters. The discussions were about how to identify, interact with, engage and nurture early adopters. 

87631818A big part of the challenge is that most entrepreneurs are not clear and specific in their plan to target early adopters. They simply believe a blog post on TechCrunch, a launch at a startup event or a press article will get them all the initial customers they need.

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Saab - Change perspective


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Google Viral


Interessante video per il Browser di Google.
Merita un pò di riflessione il risultato ottenuto con semplicità e originalità.

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Glossary: (12) viral marketing


When a company uses their customers to promote or sell its products.

 Just today I was hanging out at the beach with my buddies from that band and we were talking to some of the students who are just now graduating from out high school. They were talking about how several of them had been…

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Not much in my blog is Danish but @Soren_Stenderup so to speak made me re-blog: Nyhedsbreve er YT!. Du er håbløs gammeldags hvis du stadig sidder og hakker på brættet. Klik på videoen for at se hvad der er in ;-) 

by @Soren_stenderup

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7 Digital Celebrities Every Marketer Should Know

Celebrities do not always exist in the mainstream world. Often, celebrities exist in the avenues where only certain people go. In marketing, we like to call these small groups of ‘Certain People’ Target Markets. In the digital world, these celebrities have come to be known as CeWebrities. Some…

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Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (Social Networks Manager)

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The European Tour Goes Social Media Mad with The 200yard Gong Shot

Finally, something a bit juicy. The European Tour have pulled it out of the bag. They have created ‘everyshotimaginable.com’. A site where, at the moment at least, you can watch a few videos of great shots from history that have been captured on film. A great idea in the first place….

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Learn Marketing from a Monkey

This week, MailChimp announced that they were giving away free coffee. What started as a surprise gimmick in their home town…giving away a free french press to anyone wearing one of their coveted t-shirts…was going national for a day. This, just in time for their anniversary, August 20th.


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BB Geniale!


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